Summer Vacation Day 10/73

Monday, July 5, 2010

My 1st 'real' 5K ~ finishing strong ~ July 1, 2010
(I'm in the white top)

Today there are weather warnings all over the media. With humidity, it will feel like the temperature is in the 40s. That's well over 100 for my American friends. We began preparing yesterday by cooling the house and we ran the A/C overnight. The doors and windows are all will be a dim day. But hopefully, as the temperatures soar, we'll have a cool haven to enjoy.

I'm most concerned about the dogs. The Skittish White Dog doesn't do too well with humid heat. Although, as she is still in full-blow (as in, vacuum twice a day super shed mode) she's pretty thin coated right now. The Blue Eyed Bandit is happy to lay around in the heat....she's happy to be anything really. She's just a happy dog. She's happy to be hot. Or sleeping. Or playing. Or eating. I'll put their pool out for them later for a change of pace. That'll be fun.

I was up early today to see Mr. A off to the office. The kids were still sleeping so I snuck out for a quick run - my first since the Canada Day run - before things heated up outside. My iPod died half a block out and I have a few twinges and aches leftover from the big run so I cut things short. Just a quick 2k to work out the bugs. It was plenty because it's really hot out already!

On the docket today is Seedless Raspberry Jam. Perhaps chocolate dipped strawberries. And anything else I can dream up to reclaim fridge space from all the fresh picked fruit.

Locally, it seems a freighter had a malfunction of it's steering mechanism at a critical point on the Seaway and has washed up broadside on one of the islands. That should be a major undertaking to remedy. We see freighters all the time passing through town. It's a whole new perspective to see them up close. There might be an early morning kayak-with-camera in the very near future...

Enjoy the day,

Mrs. A


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