A Funny Thing Happened...

Friday, July 28, 2017

...in the yarn store yesterday. 

I took these two monkeys to the dentist in the big city next door. They're both official adults now..but I suppose not quite official enough to adult themselves to the dentist. 

Through careful planning, while in the big city, I was able to run into the local yarn shop for fifteen minutes exactly. The Girl Child accompanied me as timekeeper. She was not at all helpful at preventing impulse purchases. 

Her Purchase: (please turn your head)

My Purchase:

I'm sure I've come across these cuties on Ravelry at some point. The designer is Kerry Lord and the company putting the kits together is TOFT. To see the book displayed in the store so attractively with the crocheted example and all the kits around it was just too much for us. 

The TOFT kit comes with everything you need to complete your project. Like everything. Crochet hook and wee wool needle for stitching kind of everything. 

Never mind that I've not had time this spring or summer for much knitting. I'm sure I'll have more time as fall sets in. And when I do, I will be crocheting my new friend Hank, the Dorset Down sheep.

I also picked up the new Vogue Early Fall. I'm saving it though, for a chatter free, un-working, un-wifeing, un-parenting moment so I can savor it properly. 


Mrs. A. 


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