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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today, while the world was spinning away with the business of the first day of school, the kidlets and I puttered around the house in a calm and collected manner.

I've taken on the administration of the local  home schoolers' email list. It's our primary means of connection and communication with other area homeschoolers. Today was catch-up day for me. I sent out 35 emails alerting everyone to upcoming programs and events. I welcomed a number of newer homeschoolers to the email list. It's scary that this work took me hours and hours. But, I'm also encouraged that I was balanced in my approach - we ate on schedule and everyone got to where they needed to be on time. Which leads me to my next point...

I've taken most sugars out of my diet (fruit is still ok or I'd have starved to death by now). I'm almost three weeks in now and doing so has led to an almost immediate improvement in my ability to wake up and function like a normal human being. Also vastly improved is my focus - I'm able to stay on task and accomplish things. I'm still a bit ambitious and flighty, but I tell you, when I say I'd like to complete the laundry today, the laundry gets washed, dried and put away. This has happened two weeks in a row now and I'm still amused. And it's a principle that I see repeated in various areas of my day. I suspect there may be a bit of a placebo effect happening as I'm paying more attention to my attention span, focus and mood, but I'd swear it's a little less foggy and distracted in here!

It truly feels like summer is winding down. The mornings and evenings are cool and getting darker. Hockey season is on the horizon. There are more jeans and socks and long sleeves in the laundry. I'm looking forward to our change in schedule as we turn our attention to book work and other schoolish pursuits. I think the kids are, too.

As this week winds down our own little world will begin spinning with new journals and math books, official high school credits and homeschool activities. We'll be paying more attention to coordinating schedules and I'll spend more time chauffeuring people here and there. A new season and good times ahead...

Mrs. A.


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