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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It seems that I've been knitting for everyone else and not myself. Of course, that's not totally true, but the sentiment speaks to the feelings I've had about a recent project or two. It could also be a convenient way to say I wish I had more time to knit for myself...which leads to the Why Can't I Be More Organized? conversation that my self and I regularly have.

This photo shows a recently finished piece that was a collaborative effort. It was a 6 month long project filled with stress - both good and bad kinds - and requiring much diplomatic management. The finished object has been passed back to the lovely lady who donated all the yarn and who wishes to raffle it off as a fundraising project. Unfortunately, the Province of Ontario says my group and the intended recipient organization of the fundraising monies are not allowed to have a raffle. This has not pleased the Lovely Lady. So the blanket sits in limbo for a bit as I attempt to move forward through official (legal) channels and the Lovely Lady does what she likes. (Don't ask don't tell, right?)

The blanket also marks the end of my leadership of the local knitting group. I fully expect the group to carry on. Hopefully a new volunteer who can lend some leadership and direction to the group will surface. It was hard for me to step away from my little knitting group. Although, unless cloning myself became an option, I'm not sure how I would have continued... I was not enjoying the group as much as I could have since I was increasingly being asked to teach and fix problems, leaving little time to work on my own projects. 

In September I took my mom to a fibre festival. Being around all sorts of wonderful yarn inspired her to pick out a project while I attended a class. I've just finished knitting up a lovely pink tussah silk scarf for her. I have a pic of it in its bath, but it dried and was packed off nicely before I remembered that a finished project picture would have been nice...

The last Project-For-Others is on very big needles right now. It is a Cowichan style sweater that my sister has commissioned me to knit. It will be a Christmas gift for her husband. Of course, all began simply and straightforward but soon I discovered alterations would be necessary. New skills to learn, math, re-designing graphics, the blending of two patterns:
I'm pretty excited to knit this up. I hope it turns out as nice as it looks in my mind. I must remember what a quick knit this project will be because it is on such big needles and uses 5 strands of pencil roving instead of spun yarn (Briggs & Little County Roving for those who are interested). 

I've decided not to knit for Christmas this year. Instead, I have Winter Kitting ideas percolating in my head. I'll get to them after Christmas, I'm sure. In the meantime, I am avoiding stash tossing and pattern surfing so I don't get distracted from the last of my projects for others. 

Signing off but hoping to be back soon,

<3  Mrs. A.


jugglingpaynes November 18, 2013 at 11:43 AM  

Have fun with your projects! Marina is like you. She gets caught up in projects for others (usually her siblings) and ends up taking over a year to complete a project for herself. But how wonderful to share your craft with others! It's a gift that everyone can appreciate!

Peace and Laughter!

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