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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

After a very long time, I've finally finished knitting a mitten. Sort of. And just one so far. 

Denim blue and white, I think it's sport weight. I started it last winter while watching The Girl at her sporting events. The pattern is called Winter Wonder Mittens. It's free on Ravelry. 

This is a foray into learning to do stranded colourwork. I'm making myself learn two handed as people tell me that, eventually, it will get faster/easier. With the 5 needles and the two yarns and worrying about getting the flat parts to lie flat, it's mostly been an exercise in frustration and hope. 

But I like the finished mitten! Even though it's going to be too big for my hands, methinks. 

It has a picot edge to the cuff that I still have to sew down. And a thumb, of course, to be knit on. If the body of the mitten was fiddely with all the needles, I'm dreading having to knit the thumb.

I keep reading through the pattern to see where the sort is that says to full or felt the mittens when you're done. Because this is a big mitten. But it is what it is. I will finish both mittens because I like how fast the rows go once you get going and I like the pattern a lot. I may just have to find someone with much bigger hands than mine. 

I'm sure after all the finished bits are on and done and they've had a good bath and I've tidied up a blobby stitch or two, I'll be very happy with these. 

Mrs. A


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