Byte Size Blog #4

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today is Byte Size Blog #4, also known as Blogging Without Photos Is Awkward And Unnatural.

  • Blogging without sharing a photo feels awkward and unnatural. Kind of like you just have to take my work for it. Without evidence.
  • I love my Keurig. Have I mentioned we're on Keurig #2? We wore out the first one. There's also a Mini Keurig on my pantry shelf to be used in case of travelling. We like our Keurig that much. Coffee Pods for the Keurig are a treat, though. Twice a year, we order some from the States and it's a big treat to have fancy flavoured coffee pods come to my door in a big box. Cheaper than take-out coffee, they are pricey compared to regular grocery store ground coffee. BUT. A new personal brewer coffee shop opened not far from my house. They sell even more kinds of flavoured coffee...and tea and cider and hot chocolate...than our online store sells. I'm already a 'Loyal Customer' which comes with a 10% discount, but may need a part time job soon. I feel like I should apply at this new coffee supply store.
  • A cup of grocery store ground coffee costs $.40-$.46 a cup. A Keurig coffee pod cup of coffee costs $.64. A take out coffee at McDonald's is $1.56. (Hydro, gas, milk and sugar not included.) Just so you know.
  • We're off to a local-ish University today for a couple of classes at the School of Geology. I hear they also have a very nice Geological Museum that we'll see while we're there. Since I have a pre-Christmas haircut planned for close to our planned departure time, the kids will be responsible for packing supplies and lunch as well as getting their book work done before we go. I am responsible for some banking, dropping by my parents' place, picking up a display stand and getting my hair cut (it's really a safety issue as my bangs have now reached hazard length).
  • The new $20 bills are a lovely green colour...but I think they seem a little like play money with their clear peekaboo window and their plastic feel. Also, they don't rip. Same category as toddler toys, I tell you.
This concludes the fourth edition of Clip Blog, brought to you by The Kids Aren't Up Yet...Again and 2(3?) More Days 'Till My New Knitting Supplies Arrive!!


Rudee November 29, 2012 at 2:48 PM  

I wish I liked the Keurig. It works in a pinch, but I love my coffee with beans freshly ground and brewed. My favorite way to drink a cup of Joe is by using a pour-over technique like a chemex pot. It's the best, but I truly lack the patience for that on a daily basis.

I hope you enjoyed the classes.

jugglingpaynes December 2, 2012 at 12:20 AM  

I can't remember where I saw it, you can probably Google it, but I'm sure I have seen reusable coffee pods. Maybe that defeats the purpose for you. :o)

I need to see your $20 bill. It sounds like fun. You can pretend your face is on it by smiling through the window.

Peace and Laughter,

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