Birthday Weekend - In Pics

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Arriving At The Hotel: The check in desk was busy and we somehow ended up with a room that already had someone's luggage in it! They bumped us up a couple of floors and we settled in.

The View: The traffic never stops. I had forgotten that about Toronto.

At Home In The Hotel: You'll notice the laptop. It was brought along so we could plan our route downtown while at the hotel. You'll also notice the Mini-Keurig. We're such coffee snobs.

To The Subway: It had been a long while since I'd caught the subway in Toronto. I easily found the Mall and the correct parking lot...there was a little wandering 'till I found the Subway.

First Subway Ride

Downtown Toronto

Union Station

Pillars at Union Station

Hockey Hall of Fame: We found it! I was so excited to see that it was housed in a heritage building. I think I may have been slightly more interested in the building (Bank of Montreal Bldg., built in 1885)

And So It Begins: Before admission was even paid, The Boy started, "Hey mom, look at this!" and "Hey Dad, didja see this?". The remarkable thing about the incredibly long wait to pay, was that a lady handed us two tickets - she had won four, but only needed two and we happened to be in the right place at the right time.

The Vault

The Cup: The Boy made sure to touch the place where the 2008-2009 season winners would be listed. We're hoping the Penguins will win. THe Boy is hoping because that's his favourite team. The rest of us are hoping because we won't hear the end of it if they don't.

Playing Goalie: This might have been The Boy's favourite part.

Getting Directions: The Blackberry came in handy when we needed to find our way to the restaurant for lunch.

Wayne Gretzky's: Where else do you go for lunch after the Hockey Hall of Fame??!

My Favourite Part: Who knew we'd be walking past all this culture on our way to pick up the subway?! This is as close as I got to seeing Sound of Music. A show wasn't in the cards this trip.

The Royal Alexandra: I saw my first musical here a million years ago.

Roy Thompson Hall: When I was a kid and a budding performer, I thought I would one day preform here.

Heading Back Uptown

The First Car: Getting to the first car at the end of the platform turned into getting the last car of the train. It's a good thing they don't count on me for directions all the time.

Checking Out The Tunnel

Monday Morning: I brought balloons and our traditional 'Happy Birthday' banner. It's just not a birthday with out these little traditions.

The Northern Bald Eagle: The Boy's Favourite.

The Orangutans: The Girl's Favourite.

The Giraffe: We dubbed this guy 'Melvin'. It's amazing he doesn't just step out of his enclosure.

Stingray Bay: Very cool exhibit. We did get here last year for a short time. This year, the ray's were much more touchable and definitely bigger. The new addition of the sharks was very lacklustre. Perhaps they'll warm up to the crowds with time.

Rays: Very soft, like velvet, but a bit squishy and slimy like a wet neoprene wetsuit. Mr. B. touched one and that was it for him. Me, I was wet to the shoulder when all was said and done.

The 10 Year Old Boy: The trip home is shorter if you sleep through it.

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