Pens Win The Cup! ...Hopefully

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Boy Child beside a display that shows the Pittsburgh Penguins' Stanley Cup Ring.

Have I mentioned how big a Penguins fan The Boy Child is? He's such a big fan that he's been wearing his Penguins jersey around since Valentine's Day. Not only that, but his big birthday purchase last weekend at the Hockey Hall of Fame was a Penguins jersey. An away jersey since the one he has is a home jersey.

It's Game 7 - Do or Die for the Pens - early in the third and it looks like the Penguins will win the cup. We have no tv at our house so I am keeping up-to-the-minute on the Pittsburgh Penguins website. They have a Game 7 Live Blog on the go.

My kids weaseled their way over to friends to watch the game. Since it's looking good for the Pens, I'm seriously considering packing up my camera and heading across town to the friends' place to catch the look on The Boy's face when his team wins. He stuck his fingers all over the spot where their names will be engraved on the Stanley Cup. That's good luck, you know.

That's all I'm going to say tonight because if I talk about anything else, I'll be accused of jinxing it. Whatever outcome 'IT' happens to be. SO, I'm off. I'll be driving across town, in an attempt to stay awake...then, WHEN the Pens win, I"ll hear about it - loudly - on the way home.

Hopefully The Boy will sleep tonight

Aw Geez...The Wings just scored. Leave it to them to wait until the last 6 minutes of the game to get their helmets on straight. Do you know the kind of stress The Boy will be under if this game goes into overtime?! I'm not sure his wee little heart could take it...

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