Strange Days...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well, here we are. It's Wednesday...and where have I been all week?

Well, Monday I was hanging out my second story window. I was trying to make a point with the kids about what we'd been reading in history. It had to do with Galileo and that tower in Pisa.

Tuesday I was found here:

Yes, that's frumpy ol' me standing in a farm field full of goats, sheep, donkeys and a miniature horse. There was also this cuteness which should distract you from my frumpiness:

That brings us to today. Thankfully, no pictures. And much less poop than yesterday. Today I found myself packing up our math programs. I filed away papers and removed a handful of post-it notes. As we're finishing up this year's school work, I'm getting the shelf in shape so that planning next year's work is easy. Today also found me at the soccer field where the kids took part in a homeschooler's phys ed class. Good times. And finally, I just spent the better part of three hours at the soccer field watching The Girl play her second game of the season. It was so cold, I left the camera in my bag and did my best to conserve body heat.

The rest of my free time this week will be spent finishing The Boy's birthday gift. Pictures after it's done. Have a great week!

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