Byte Size Blog # 8

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Today's byte size blogging is brought to you, again, sans bullets. Such is life. 

Dogs are annoying. 

Dealing with people while trying to retrain dogs to the leash is not so much annoying as discouraging. 

Winter just will. Not. Let. Go. Everything is frozen in the mornings and if you look into the corners, there's still snow. 

The ice cube in my pool that is supposed to be water has little hope of being so by April 25. That's the magic day that the fancy paperwork tells me I have to open my pool by if I'd like legal recourse should it be damaged or otherwise impaired. And this is the joy of buying a pool in the winter. 

I like all the sun and windows and light in my house. The basement is lighter without the lights on than our townhouse was with the lights on. 

I know nothing about a lot of regular things. Like water softeners. And reverse osmosis water filtration. And chimneys. 

I am excited by things I never expected: roofing quotes and aquarobic septic systems (my own little self contained treatment plant!) and compost. 

The Easter egg hunt this year is going to be epic. 

Unpacking all your worldly goods allows you to discover all the stuff you need to find homes for. Even when you tried your hardest to declutter and keep only the important things. I need about 8 junk drawers. 

On today's to-do list: make a bento box lunch for The Girl to take to work; take The Boy to his music lesson; meet the lady who potentially wants to buy the mate's bed frame I have for sale; buy quail eggs; walk the dogs 13 more times; unpack the rest of the master bedroom; organize the pantry situation; move some furniture around before Mr. A returns from his morning meeting. 

This concludes the eighth edition of Byte Size Blogging. Hope for a productive day and dogs who learn to listen for me, please. 

Mrs. A. 


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