It Got Worse, Then It Got Better!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Unpacking begins! 

Yesterday's scheduled tasks included unpacking clothes, setting up closets and building the kitchen. I won't say there weren't any hitches, but most got accomplished. 

The afternoon was devoted to the kitchen. I pointed out to the kids the importance of thinking about what the space was going to used for before deciding what dishes and equipment went where. A foreign concept as the kitchen they are used to was the size of a postage stamp. 

Unpacking ensued. 

It got worse before it got better. 

All was great for the first hour. Then we all started to get a little tired and picky. At the second hour mark I decided to move the deep freeze from the staging area in the garage, through the back door entry way/mud room, into the house, downstairs and into the 'wine cellar'. (Really, it's just a cold room, but my sister said I could call it a wine cellar.) Because it's always fun moving heavy furniture through awkward spaces when everyone is tired and picky. 

The freezer was dropped once on The Girl's foot, then it punched her in the chin a little further on in the process. Her mood was not improved. 

I sent the kids off to do something, really just any other thing, somewhere else where they wouldn't be near other humans while I tried to make some sense of the leftover mess in the kitchen. Because not only were we tired and picky, we were hungry now, too. 

Mr. A chose this most inopportune time to call me on his drive home from the office. I tried to focus on the positive and tell him about all the progress we had made today. Really, I felt like telling him how impossible everything was because so much needed to be done and no one wanted to help and as soon as you started something you needed to stop and deal with the dogs and what's the point unpacking anyway because we're going to redo the floors and won't that be a mess?! 

Then he asked about the kids' school work. 

I thought my head might explode, but it didn't. The afternoon went on. 

I had nearly finished picking up when Mr. A arrived home. We opened a bottle of wine. We made our first family dinner together in our new kitchen. No one tripped on anyone else or got in anyone's way. 

Dinner got cleaned up with everyone helping. Again, no tripping on someone else or taking shifts or waiting for someone to move out of the way. So awesome. 

And Mr. A understands that schoolwork will not be happening for at least a week.

Mrs. A.



jugglingpaynes April 19, 2014 at 11:09 PM  

So happy you are starting to settle in. Happy Easter!

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