Failure and Opportunity...A Strange Mix

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Homeschooling hasn't been ideal lately. I've got an idea, and most times a plan, and it's not what the kids are looking for. Which is strange, because the plan is generally based on what the kids are telling me. Someone's not listening. 

I think I threw the towel in last week. I decided that I was done. I was angry because after all these years, I still couldn't figure it out. I was sad because no one wanted to work with me to make this work. I was overwhelmed because I'm responsible for a bunch of things that are happening, but none of them well. 

I went online to a well known virtual learning centre. The stars aligned and I was looking at a 'Registration Is Open!' announcement. I signed both The Boy and The Girl up for a summer semester half credit. While filling out the online forms, I found that I couldn't just throw the kids to the wolves, so to speak, without their input. I explained my reasoning and much to my surprise, they agreed. 

I pressed on. I looked forward to the Fall 2014 semester. A quick discussion with The Girl found four courses she was willing - and with a positive attitude - to apply for. They're grade 11 courses. This fits into her five-year high school education plan very nicely. She has the perquisite required for the science class, or will in a few weeks when her current science course is done. She chose a computer skills class and a class from the Phys Ed list. She also picked a university prep English. 

Suddenly things didn't seem so bleak. We were having productive discussion. I spent the day yesterday going over the provincial requirements for the English class The Girl signed up for. She's 2/3 of the way through the list of required learning outcomes. To me, that means she won't be overwhelmed by the content. I reviewed the learning outcomes for the required prerequisite class that she doesn't officially have provincial paperwork for. She has easily achieved them, at home, with our own resources. I'm writing a credit report. I made a short list of assignments. The Girl says she is happy to do them. Having those will flesh out a small portfolio of work that - with my written credit report - will hopefully prove that she is eligible for the class she has chosen. We'll see. 

So my decision to give up, to fail, has surprised me. I am feeling some forward momentum, a different direction. Let's hope this is the change we all need. 

Mrs. A. 
(Pics from our trip to The Girl Child's first driving lesson)


jugglingpaynes May 6, 2014 at 8:48 AM  

I don't know if you can count this as a fail. You simply checked off your list and went to the next step. But I know how you feel from deciding to unschool my youngest. Suddenly I wasn't really her teacher anymore. I was barely her facilitator because she was perfectly able to find whatever she needed on her own. What I am, and I learn this every time she does required testing, is her mom. The person she leans on to reassure her and calm her and tell her she can do it.

I'm her cheerleader. :o)

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