Monday, May 12, 2014

I can't even think of a title, so today will be untitled. 

So much going feels like time is flying by.

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about the people around me. Is it an El Niño year?! Crazy big things have been happening in many of the families and friends that I feel close to. I'm sure there's an entire blog post in my head about this. 

The Boy Child put the vibes out into the Universe that he would like a job this summer. He was so serious about it that he gave up his traveling soccer team for the season. Now, I've told him to reign in those job-seeking thoughts. He's working for his hockey coach: yard work, landscaping, extra hand around the property. He polished a resume and cover letter and ventured into a scary job interview landing himself a job at the local museum in a summer student position. 

He's also agreed to do our new neighbour's yard work for the summer. Hm. I suppose WE are the new neighbours... There's a job coming up at the apple orchard that he's thinking of applying for as well. It would be employment for him through the school year, not necessarily for the summer. 

On the school front, I sort of turned into a manager rather than a teacher these last few months. I'm sure I'm repeating myself here, but it helps me to sort it out. It looks like The Girl Child will have a full course load of independent learning next fall. We're working toward setting up a co-op placement for her as well as a dual-credit course at the community college. Both kids are signed up for a summer course, online virtual learning. The Boy will take one credit of independent online learning in the fall with the intention of attending a brick-and-mortar high school for second semester. It's an experience he needs he says. He's looking forward to a science class in a classroom as well as a music class. I'm hoping he'll be able to jump in to a sport and a school band as well. I'm hoping they get a good dose of whatever it is they're looking for...and I mean that in the most positive, supportive way possible. 

On the home front, the roof has been reshingled. And now we should be onto the next, new, scary projects as new homeowners. You'll have to do with the following before and after photos of the 'boathouse' as I haven't been out front of the house to take a proper photo of the finished house roof yet. 

Not such a big difference, I suppose, in the pictures. But in real life, it's very noticeable. New is called Harvard Slate, a grey colour. Old was rotten black. 

We're onto gardening and opening the pool. Mr. A. is learning as he goes with the help of a very knowledgeable neighbour who is more than willing to help out. I'm nervous about doing the entire pool care on our own, but figure my energies would be better spent gardening than second-guessing and complaining about the pool. 

I spent the weekend getting acquainted with the honeysuckle vines climbing my pool fence. Again, a before and after for posterity. Real life offers a bit more contrast. 

Next up is to dig out this giant Euonymus that is diseased, old and overgrown: 

In good gardening news, with the help of a friend or two, I have identified a field of Lily of the Valley growing, I've found that I am quite fond of the wee violets that are cropping up all over and I'm pleased to have found a patch of Periwinkle. I left my Periwinkle behind at the old house and was lamenting its loss. I learned it is an invasive species here in Eastern Ontario so I was having this internal conflict about the whole idea of growing vs. not growing Periwinkle. Now that I've found this new patch, I've decided to embrace it because I really like it and it's all over the neighbourhood anyway. 

I had a lovely Mother's Day, I am pleased to report. I was dreading it as extended family drama was clouding my outlook. All turned out well in the end. A solid plan is in place for next year so the politics and drama can be avoided. My kids got me lovely cards and wrote the nicest things in them. Mr. A and I went to a little village north of us for lunch at a pub. I visited the yarn store next door to the pub and bought a new set of sock needles and my first ball of Koigu. 

We then continued on our journey, enjoying a sunny drive to a giant Canadian Tire store which was well stocked with hunting and fishing supplies. Mr. A found a particular fishing rod and reel to add to his collection. So a successful day all around. I'm just glad he really enjoyed his lunch at the pub I picked. It's always a gamble and I always have a better day knowing Mr. A has enjoyed his lunch. 

I'm off to my yard. I will garden (dig up a stubborn stump) and think about the big year that many of my friends have had...and the year that some are about to embark on. It's funny how it all seems to be happening at once.

Mrs. A. 


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