I Had Saturday Mostly To Myself...Odd.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I volunteer with the Library. Yesterday was Doors Open Ontario. (I'd link but I'm using the Blogger App and I don't think it likes links. If you're interested, give it a quick google.) Doors Open is a busy day at the library, I think mostly because we have a crackerjack Community Coordinator who plans interesting things for visitors. 

I volunteered with the white elephant sale. Right next door to the area where the sale was being held was the giant annual used book sale. Cost of decommissioned library books is by donation. I try not to go into that room too much. 

I did have to bring a book to the used book sale room, though. The white elephant sale doesn't sell books...because books are for sale in the next room. I suppose I could have asked a book sale volunteer which section the errant book was to be displayed in. But my helpful self just walked that book around the giant book sale looking for Fiction, Mystery/Thriller. 

In the process I came across a few things: 

I couldn't carry any other books and dig for money in my pocket and find Fiction, Mystery/Thriller all at the same time. Besides, I needed to get back to the white elephant sale and the other lonely volunteer I may have left alone. The book found its home and I got back to my post with my 4 books. 

The two cookbooks will replace a small binder of photocopied recipes. Years ago I was trying to expand the foods my picky eaters would eat and I consulted these two cookbooks. I photocopied some promising recipes and have been cooking from those photocopies ever since. 

The two gardening books will be helpful. I do have a small section of gardening books - still packed until I get to Ikea and buy a bookshelf - that these two books will augment. The green Organic Gardener resource is a good starting point for many things. There's even a bit under 'Beekeeping' about how to make a bee house, like a bird house, for orchard bees. 

The Fifty Trees of Canada was published in 1952 and I just love the look of older books. It might be helpful in identifying some of the trees around the house. 

The tree classification chart in the middle of the book is awesome. And so 1950s. And so much nicer than the online tools I've recently consulted. 

Yesterday was really very busy. I got up at dark o'clock and made Mr. A a cooler lunch, helped him load his fishing boat and sent him off to some lake to fish with a buddy for the day. The kids and I went to town so I could volunteer. The Boy walked himself to his first official day on the job. The Girl visited a friend of ours - a previously homeschooling mom - who has a local farmer's market stall. This friend also coached The Girl Child a bit and her first 5k run was accomplished. I bought those appliances on the way out of town (which took an hour even though the appliances were chosen and I only wanted to give them my money). I dropped The Girl at home and drove off to another friend's farm to take part in the Open House they were having. I came home with 6 varieties of heritage tomatoes and a few plants for my yard. I fit in a quick visit with my dad, picked The Boy up from work, got home with just enough time to throw together a salad and loaded nachos before Mr. A drove up. 

Today will be yard work if I ever get outside. I think a second coffee is needed. After lunch, I will run The Boy to work and hopefully a friend and her sweet baby will come by for a visit. Onward!

Mrs. A. 


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