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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Trying a bit of blogging from itself instead of the Blogger App since I had a lovely post - with pictures! - for you this morning that disappeared into cyber-oblivion. Not impressed.

I was trying to tell you about knitting. Now I just feel silly trying to remember what I said. Perhaps I'll just show you the pictures.

But apparently not, it seems. does not like it when you try to select pictures from it using your iPad. Ok then. Plan B: blog at the .com and insert pics after using App. Gear up.

Picture One: a couple of months ago I packed up my knitting. Here it is all ready to go. It didn't end up fitting in that box, though. I took away the bins and bags and packed my stash all in a very tall box lined with a giant garbage bag and labeled within an inch of its life so it didn't end up being moved to the garage or outside.

Picture Two: my knitting mojo is returning in small bits. During the moving process, this wee bag turned up. I put it into service just recently, now that knitting thoughts are again being entertained. It is perfect for socks. I can fit in 100g of yarn, two pair of needles as well as a yarn needle and scissors for finishing socks on the go. There's room for a couple of credit cards and my phone making it almost as good as a purse.

Pictures Three and Four show a lack of yarn for what I am trying to accomplish. You first see my mostly completed ankle sock. It's for summertime. Cute little picot cuff and then straight on to a short-row heel. And I'm sure you'll notice what a mostly completed ankle sock weighs. Then, picture-the-next shows how much yarn I have left with which to knit the second sock. The second sock will be getting a contrasting toe. But that's ok. The whole point of knitting these was to see if I could cobble a sock together using guidelines instead of a pattern. So far, so good.

Picture Five: Serendipitously, my sister was getting rid of a cabinet as I was searching for one. I have turned this open faced towel cubby into a yarn cabinet. (Bonus pic below to show you that there is even room for my spinning spindles and fluff!) It will do for now. I'm a little worried about critters getting into my string, so I have liberally sprinkled cedar balls onto all the shelves. Hope for the best. It is very nice to have my yarn unpacked. It was one of the first to be packed up and the last to be unpacked.

I am trying to find a bit of time each day to get a few stitches in. I'm looking toward to some bigger and better projects in the near future. There's a new baby on the fall horizon that will need to be knit for and I am very much looking toward to finishing my Rams & Yowes. I will need a small piece of furniture for my living room in which to store my works-in-progress. I have dogs who like to play with yarn if given the opportunity. It doesn't turn out well for me. So I'm thinking a chest or trunk or ???

There. Blog managed. Hopefully when you're reading it you see some pictures in there somewhere. I managed a link. That was novel. Off to edit some pics in I hope.

Mrs. A. 


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