Thursday, May 29, 2014

This morning a friend is dropping in to check out my gardens. I had high hopes they would be in lovely blooming form when she came. More typically, they are in sad shape with a few things growing, well-behaved and nicely, in the parts I have managed to whip into submission. 

The wee summer socks are finished. Surprisingly, they are comfortable and stay on in my running shoes. Goodness they are a conglamoration, aren't they!?

Over coffee this morning (coconut sugar and coconut milk for flavour) I am winding a bit of lace. It's my new purple Malabrigo that I'm very excited about. I find its a little clingy in the skein. But maybe that's normal. 

Appliances arrive in ONE MORE SLEEP!! Since that's been sorted, we're on to planning for installation. We are converting to a gas range and someone will have to be brought in to do that. And a bit of furniture shopping has been talked about. Yesterday I was playing with the Ikea catalogue, which turned out to be amazingly interactive:

That's my fireplace but the stripey chair is Ikea's. They are kind enough to show me how the chair will fit into my space, though. All I needed was the paper catalogue placed on the floor and a tablet. 


Mrs. A. 


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