Monday, May 26, 2014

Coffee #2 this morning used the last of the cream. Also, my Coffee maker took a ridiculous amount of time to spit out coffee #1 and then told me to descale. I find myself wondering if I should just quit coffee. 

Then I recall that today is Monday and I must be crazy. I can't quit coffee. Amendments may be required, though. This white sugar habit is out of control. Again. 

Last night I met up with my book club for dinner. It's the first time since we started meeting - 3 years ago maybe? - that we went for dinner in a real resturant. It was fun. We took a long time to eat. We made the waitress move us twice because we can't all show up at the same time. We were loud. 

The book club selfie wasn't so great as my arms aren't long enough. The second picture without me is nice...and I am represented by my drink. Good times. 

I came home to a new cabinet. Doesn't everybody, sometime, come home to a new, random piece of furniture?

It wasn't in that spot when I came home. It was lying flat on the floor in another room. I put it in my living room this morning. I will let it sit there for a bit. I'm not sure I love the set-up yet. I might have to move it around a bit to see where it was meant to live. My grandmother sent it to me via my mom, who had to borrow my brother's 'truck' (it's a mini van) for the weekend to fetch it. It's a four hour journey to grandmother's house. You'd think I would be better informed that I was getting a cabinet when there's that many people involved. It's adventures like this that convince Mr. A that I come by my craziness honestly. 

I spent most of Sunday in the garden. Not that you can tell, but there is improvement and progress!

I have completed work on the short side of the pool, around the corner and up to the yucca plant. I put down weed mat for the first time. I transplanted a fern. I went to a friend's open house and obtained many of the little plants on the deck. She has a small farm and keeps winged creatures. She grows heritage tomatoes and other lovely things. I came home with 6 tomato plants and a few perennials that need to find homes. My lilac tree is blooming and it smells wonderful. I'm not sure if I will plant it out this year or keep it in its pot until next spring. 

Because of all the weekend activity, I got no knitting accomplished. I did learn about a very fun sounding knit-along, though. It's called Stash Dash and the challenge is to knit the equivalent of 5km of yarn over the summer. I read about it at Handmade Homeschool ( and then popped over to Ravelry and tracked down the group for the nitty gritty details. The 'rules' are very knitter friendly, almost too much so. Hopefully tonight when the bugs are too bad to work in the garden, I'll get myself organized enough to officially participate. 

Today I will write a report outlining the high school English learning of my dear firstborn - and I need to submit it to the virtual learning school she would like to take courses with in the fall. I will not have coffee or lunch until it is done. I will not pass Go or collect $200 until it is done. I may have to make lunch for others before it's done...

Mrs. A. 


jugglingpaynes May 28, 2014 at 10:20 PM  

You are on fire! Thank you for all of the laughs. I do hope you had coffee before the writing. I find it gets my brain going. :o)

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