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Monday, May 19, 2014

Today feels special. Today feels somehow complete. Like I've just finished a great book that I will always have on my shelf. Today I caught up with Jean's Knitting blog. 

I'm sure I found Jean's blog years ago, but I never was a regular reader. The references to people and places never really made sense, but the knitting was good and if you wait patiently, she's very, very funny at times. With all the excitement in my life lately, I found I couldn't concentrate on anything very well and Jean's blog seemed to be the exception. 

I decided to begin reading from the beginning. Jean is lovely and so knowledgeable about knitting...yet she's still learning and sharing her process with her readers. She and her lovely family came to life as I was reading. People and places began to make sense. I'm surprised that Jean leads the life she does - she must be a coveted dinner guest at dinner tables around the world. 

One day Jean mentioned that if one did not have to make lunch for someone every day, one would be so much more productive. I realized then and there that Jean is a kindred soul who put words to the roadblock of my life. 

Having read through the past and caught up to the present, I find myself looking forward to the future. There's an exciting new knitting project percolating and I wonder if Jean will embark on that journey or if another will surface in the meantime. There's family excitement planned for the fall. 

It's a funny feeling, feeling as though you know someone when you really don't. I think Jean is a treasure. She's a very special lady who will always reside on my bookshelf alongside Emily of New Moon and Aerin of The Hero and The Crown. 

 Mrs. A. 


jugglingpaynes May 27, 2014 at 11:57 AM  

Geeking out because you are a fan of The Hero and the Crown. :)

Marina said she likes reading Yarn Harlot because she doesn't have to wait patiently for her to be funny. But I'll try to get her to look at this.

I have to say, I don't make lunches all that much. Years ago I figured if you teach a kid to use the stove, that's one less meal you're responsible for. Of course, I should have applied that same theory to laundry and dirty dishes. Live and learn. Now imagine how productive one could be if one did not have to make someone dinner.

Peace and Laughter!

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