Stash Dash 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Well, this sounds fun! 

From the 23rd of May to the 7th of August, there is a KnitALong called Stash Dash. The rules are terribly accommodating. Any finished project counts toward your total meters of yarn knit. Even if I started and mostly knit something before May 23, if I finish it, all the knitted meters of yarn can be counted for my total. I'm aiming to knit 5000 meters, or 5 km, of yarn. From stash. Terribly unrealistic, really. But fun! 

My first finished project will be the unfortunate wee summer socks. A mismatched pair with a picot cuff, short-row heel and just about nothing else in common other than foot length (maybe, last night in the dark, I eyeballed where to start the toe decreases). 

Next up will be a 'good copy' of short summer socks knit with a lovely purple colour of Koigu that I bought at the new yarn shop I found. First cuff successfully under way: 

Also I hope to complete a Jared Flood pattern called Rock Island. It's a lace shawl. I figure that if I'm thinking of more ambitious Shetland lace, I'd better do a training run. I'll use my first Malabrigo Lace, also in purple and also bought at the lovely new yarn shop I found. 

It's a dark and wonderful colour of purple. I had to photograph it on a black table to get close to the real colour. The shop owner kindly offered to wind the skeins for me but I didn't think I'd be knitting it up any time soon. Mr. A will have to hold it while I wind it. 

I do have a baby blanket started which could be finished as well as two pair of stranded mittens to finish. I'll need a baby shower gift for the end of June, which could include a knit item. And the Knit Night girls are having a summer challenge that I'd like to knit something for. It's just a 50g challenge, but it's something. I don't think all of that will get me close to 5km of yarn knitted, but we'll see how far I get. 

It's fun to read through the Stash Dash forum and see the finished projects. Some people have done some serious planning! There's someone with a Princess Shawl mostly knit; about 4000m completed and just over 300m to finish. Someone else has a large number of projects just ready to finish which will all count toward her 5km. Others, like me, have joined late with nothing to show but good intentions. 

I should have a finished pair of socks by the end of the day to start off my Stash Dash. Then tonight, Malabrigo to wind!

Mrs. A. 


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