Monday Again...But It's Really Tuesday

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Coffee this morning is Starbucks' Blonde Roast. Our coffee maker is officially persnickety. Mr. A's coffee brewed perfectly well with no supervision required. Mine needed supervision, encouragement and hand holding. Coffee is accompanied this morning by the last piece of homemade biscotti. My friend, J made it at Christmastime and I have been selectively eating it from the freezer. It was awesome. 

You can see I've progressed to the second of the wee summer socks. I was knitting away last night, all proud of myself because I was going to be able to accomplish an entire heel in one sitting. I'm using a generic short row heel which is pretty basic once you manage the wraps at the end of each row. The rows get shorter one stitch at a time. That part went well. Then you begin to increase one stitch at the end of each row, eating up an additional stitch and a wrap or two at the end of each row. Somehow I had more stitches to eat up on one side than the other. I fudged that. The idea is to end up with as many stitches as you originally started with - by which time there will be a heel between your start and finish point - then you begin knitting the foot around and around all the stitches. Only I was purling around and around. How do I get into a mess like that? I got myself turned around and heading in the right direction so now I have mindless knitting. At least until I run out of yarn. Because I expect that will happen before I finish the sock. 

Today I have dreaded paperwork hanging over my head. I am not looking forward to it. Also, The Girl Child has a job interview this afternoon. There's a Knit Night gathering this evening, but I'm not encouraged to go. 

I'm also shopping for appliances. It's a bit daunting, thinking about spending all that money all at once. We got the money to get a bit more of what we want rather than just what we need. But I'm still torn over the want-need. More online pricing and comparison and review reading is needed. 

We've just had a long weekend. It was nice. I got some gardening done.

I've learned the plant in the photo above is a hellebore. Thank you, Cristina. I'm sure I just about killed it by attempting to plunk it into my garden. A bit of information made me put it directly back in its planter with a generous dollop of healthy growing medium. I will now watch and wait. Hopefully I have not killed it and it will survive long enough for me to identify which variety it is. 

Also, I bought purple daisies. (They're really not daisies, I don't think, but they look like daisies and they're purple and awesome.)

My teenagers, who often put on a super show when I'd like to take a picture, both had to work on Saturday - at real jobs. The Boy finished early and walked to meet The Girl so I had one pickup to do. They're good kids...weird and funny...but they're fun to watch grow up. 

The Girl Child decided that yesterday would be a good day to try the pool out. It was 62degrees and she plunged in twice. A tradition has been born. I'm not sure if it will be a traditional Victoria Day plunge, regardless of the temperature or a Let's See How Early We Can Swim Each Year type of thing. I'll revisit this next year. 

I'm tempted to write more, but only because I don't want to do paperwork. 

Mrs. A. 


jugglingpaynes May 28, 2014 at 10:01 PM  

Glad to be of service. I hope your hellebore lives to bloom another day. With any luck, you only scared it into not blooming next year, and once it realizes no one will take it out of its pot, it will come back bigger and better!

I hope the paperwork went well!
Peace and Laughter!

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