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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Please excuse my absence. Blogger ate the post in which I outlined for you the details of the impending visit of my Mother-In-Law, the idiocy of having to travel one hour away to find a Grade 10 Science exam proctor, the state of the house and gardens and What I Did Last Weekend. 


Today I have for you Un-Knitting:

The Wee Purple Sock progressed to the final toe decreases at Knit Night last evening. Later, while watching tv with Mr. A, I ripped it back in favour of knitting a sock that will actually fit my foot. 

The purple Malabrigo is wound, as you can see. That is a feat of accomplishment. If the yarn store lady asks you if you'd like to wait a few minutes while she winds two skeins of Malabrigo lace, DO IT. Even if  'a few minutes' means 20 minutes with two teenagers who will be entertaining you the whole time with obscure references to things they probably shouldn't be watching on the Internet. The Malabrigo is going to become Rock Island by Jared Flood. I began it at Knit Night after the ladies said kind and wonderful things about my yarn and pattern choice. But three rows in I had an extra stitch and I hadn't even hit the actual knitting-the-chart part of the knitting. It was the pre-knitting-set-up-for-the-chart. So I ripped that out and started the aforementioned toe decreases. 

Today I am off to the big city an hour away (in the opposite direction of the city which houses the only Science exam proctor in the land) for dental appointments for the kids. Also I must shop for The Boy Child's remaining birthday presents. And a baby gate. And soccer cleats. And chairs. 

The living room is lacking chairs. 

It does have a superfulous stove. The small moon chair - currently the choice piece of furniture for teenagers, I'm told - is The Girl's and will be put in her room should we get around to doing the flooring so she can unpack 'properly'. 

I'm off. Vacuuming and dusting of bedrooms as well as unpacking of the Ikea Expedit shelf and packing of the lunch must occur before heading out.

Mrs. A. 


jugglingpaynes June 4, 2014 at 10:46 PM  

You had me stopping a moment to think about past posts. It was hard to imagine that the Boy Child still needed a baby gate. :o)

I think the yarn for this sock is gorgeous. I'm glad it will now fit your foot!

Peace and Laughter!

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