Something Seems Amiss....

Friday, June 13, 2014

The completed sock is 26g. The partially completed sock is 24g. Somehow, the tiny tangle left to knit, not even enough to qualify as a ball, is 2g. 

Theoretically, the math should work. Practically, I'm not so sure. 

Mrs. A. 

Something Seems Amiss...Part 2

After a very brief moment where I considered ripping back the toe-in-progress as well as the completed toe of the first sock in a vain attempt to steal back enough yarn to finish both toes, I came to my senses and decided to do the only logical thing: 

Put the almost-completed sock on a stitch holder and buy more yarn. 

Also to consider: is there a decorative edge that I could use in future that doesn't use as much as the picot hem? Something scallop-y perhaps? I seem to be brewing a 'summer socks in 50grams or less' challenge...

Mrs. A. 


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