Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Boy Child is 15. We got all ready for his birthday and set up his gifts the night before on the table, as usual. But in the morning, I realized we could use some space other than the dining room table. A space where we could all sit together and enjoy a few minutes of gift opening and Happy Birthday chatter. With all the excitement lately, I'd forgotten to consider the logistics of our new space. 

The weekend with my MotherInLaw was interesting. It was nice to see her and her husband. Mr. A and I took his mom out shopping on Friday and had lunch with her. She spent most the day with us on Saturday. We had a birthday party all afternoon. Mr. A's sister and her family joined us. It was nice to have them all together. They're not really a family for gatherings so it was nice to be able to host something for that side of the family. 

Saturday afternoon The Girl Child came to us, very upset, with a problem. It's fairly serious and I'll just say involves a social situation that gotten out of hand. It cast a bit of a pall over the remainder of the weekend and will take a few days to sort. Mr. A and I are dealing with it but I just feel awful that The Girl is so sad and upset. 

Coffee this morning comes with a giant headache. I'll sign off here today. Hopefully I'll be back soon, feeling better with a happier outlook and a happier household. I'll show you what I needed that baby gate for...

Mrs. A. 


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