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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Yesterday, I sent the kids to get started on unpacking the Ikea shelf that needed to be assembled.

It's an Expedit shelf. I was excited to bring it home last week after a last minute trip to the store. (Ikea trips are always an event.) These particular shelves are discontinued, but if you look in the warehouse, some can still be found. I was excited to find one lonely Expedit shelf in amongst the new Kallax line of shelving. 

Then we unpacked it. 

That's just a couple of the pictures I took before packing it back up. Every one of the 4 main pieces was damaged in an unignoreable way. And strange damage. Some had water damage. Some had holes. And another had its pre-drilled holes mangled. One side's finish was melting off in a spot. Considering the box was in perfect shape and factory sealed, we were all a little shocked. It had to go back to the store. 

Ikea has very comfortable seating in the Returns and Exchanges area. It's a good thing considering we had to wait more again half an hour for our turn with an Ikea minion. 

I wish I had taken pictures of this guy getting into the box to see the damage we were talking about. We had put a few strips of tape around the edges to close it up. This guy grappled on to one end of the glued down flap and tore it away. Then he ripped chunks of box off until he could grip the large top panel. With both hands he hauled most of the box top away. I told him his method seemed a little excessive while I undid three little strips of tape and quietly lifted the remains of the box lid up. Anyway, our refund was quickly had and Mr. A and I were off to the warehouse. 

Mr. A thought we would pick up a new shelf and be off. Silly Mr. A. 

Once we were in the warehouse, I had Mr. A look at the size of the boxes of the chairs I am interested in. He thinks they won't fit into our vehicle. Then, of course, I had to take Mr. A into the showroom to sit in the chairs I am interested in. (We went against the arrows and backwards through the shortcuts. !!!) He sat in a few chairs for me until I was satisfied. I've now decided on chairs that Mr. A will be happy with. I'll purchase them in July because there is a coupon. I just need one more coupon to maximize my savings. That's something to watch out for. 

By this time I had totally forgotten how angry I was at Ikea and how upset I was over an extra trip - 2 hours of driving! 

Then, back to the Marketplace for a milk frother cup. Ikea has everything. 

We found my replacement Expedit shelf. Also, my new dining room buffet. Because if you're making a trip you might as well fill the car. 

So, a shelf got built yesterday. It wasn't the shelf I had planned to build, but that's ok. Also, I finished the first of the Wee Purple Socks. And I've now hit each of three big cities in South Eastern Ontario in two days. 

Did I mention that when I arrived at the dentist's yesterday, she had been called to surgery and there was no one available to see to the children's teeth. Yeah. I think the universe knows my Mother-In-Law is coming...I don't have time for this when there is so much to do before she gets here!!

Mrs. A. 


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