Monday Morning #1

Monday, April 14, 2014

Over coffee this morning, I am thinking abut how grateful I am for moving mess. That's the mess of my new-to-me kitchen cupboard. Things were happening so fast over our moving day that I just couldn't keep up. And besides, nothing has a home yet, so how can it get put away?

Coffee happened this weekend, though. So did a great post-moving pizza lunch. 

Today the kids and I will build the kitchen and unpack clothes. I will also attempt to call some roofing people to arrange some quotes. 

And I will walk the dogs 4000 times. We have moved from a small backyard that is completely fenced to a neighbourhood that is not. I can't say that teaching two high-strung huskies a new routine in a new house is fun. Reacclimatizing them to the leash is also not fun. So far I am walking them around the yard and in little bits on the piece of road alongside our house. Many times a day. 

There are a lot of windows for them to look out in our new home. And much nature for them to want to pin down and sniff. Squirrels on the deck are particularly adrenaline inducing. There is a lot of staring and pointing, ears up on full alert. It is interspersed with some of this: 

The lying down only happens as long as I don't stand up or move around. As soon as I do, the dogs are on their feet. The poor things are so excited and exhausted that I'm planning many coffee breaks today so they will rest. 

So, happy Monday. Here's to new adventures. 

Mrs. A.


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