2 Weeks Left...Maybe

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mini marshmallows are essential to understanding exponents.

This week I felt busy. We didn't accomplish a lot of school work, but my wheels sure were spinning.

We're coming to the end of our planned book work. I'm trying to strike a balance - I don't want to get all stressed out over sticking to The Schedule, yet I don't want to have the rest of our work hanging over our heads come the middle of July, either.

For a couple of weeks now - since the nice weather has hit - I haven't been keeping to our planned schedule. We've keeping up with much of it, but many things have been calling us away from the table.

We have about two weeks left if we buckle down and get to it. (That would be mostly my responsibility.) Grant me patience while I deal with the surprised looks, the rolling eyes and the disappointed sighs when I foist a full days' work on the recreating, tanned, comic drawing, playing-with-Playmobil, Lego-designing Children.

...on second thought...maybe we'll just see how it goes...

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