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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If you asked me what kind of homeschooler I was, or which homeshcooling philosophy I most identified with, up until last summer I would have answered "Relaxed Eclectic with Unschoolish Tendencies".

Then, last summer, we made some changes to our homeschool. Mr. B and I had some discussions and got on the same page about expectations, style, outcomes, methods and content. Armed with this new information, I went ahead and planned - really planned - our current homeschooling year.

I can't tell you how encouraging and motivating it's been to have Mr. B's input. I always thought I was one of those 'lucky' homeschooling moms whose husband didn't really care what I did with the kids, as long as I was doing something. As it turns out, with Mr. B's input and opinion on hand, I feel more confident making homeschooling decisions for our kids. I feel more direction and structure within myself - which is very helpful when it comes to planning and organizing our homeschool.

(The secondary benefit is that now I'm feeling very prepared with answers to those age-old stereotypical homeschooling questions. The 'How do you know they're learning?" and "How do you know what to teach?" and "The government lets you do that?!" kind of questions.)

I think everyone's motivation to plan has to come from within themselves for their own special reason. Just because I got all excited when Mr. B and I ended up on the same page doesn't mean anyone else is. Maybe you're motivated to get something in place because your own Mr. B isn't on any homeschooling page. Maybe you're motivated to plan because you're a planner by nature. Maybe your homeschooler now has aspirations of greatness requiring some fairly specific prerequisites and those plans are what gets you moving. I know I'm feeling some anticipation to get into the new materials I have waiting for our next school year - maybe New Book Fever motivates you. Whatever it is, it's going to be personal for you.

So, what motivates you? Why do you want to plan out your school year? What's making you get your self organized?

Next up, my thoughts on curriculum, scope and sequence and building a framework to organize from.

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