Maiden Voyage

Monday, May 11, 2009

My long-awaited acquisition: Pelican Elite Strait 140 XE

Well, won't this be a whole new adventure?! Outfitted in a great boat - very nearly new - with a literal boatload of new gear, I put in for the first time. I had a little help from The Boy and The Girl, while The Husband manned the camera.

I really hope the skirt doesn't fly off while I fiddle with this stuff.

Besides the fact that I'm a complete rookie and could very easily get myself in over my head (literally), there are a great many new things to get used to: the new seat (very comfortable), the rudder/foot pedal system (needs adjusting), the splash skirt (takes two hands, two elbows, luck, planetary alignment and some teeth-gritting to get on), the PFD (not designed for kayaking and therefore a tad cumbersome and uncomfortable) and a gorgeous paddle (safely leashed to the deck rigging).

I have no clue what I"m doing, but it sure feels good!

Nothing adventurous for my maiden voyage. I knew the new kayak would be a bit 'tippier' than the shorter, recreational kayak I'd been paddling in recently. I hadn't counted on how smooth and easy it would paddle. There is very little resistance. I could very easily get used to this boat.
How cool is it that it's mine?!

Off I went along the shoreline while my entourage eventually headed off to the playground. The river was busy with late afternoon traffic. The rowers were out in their shells; crash boats alongside. Lots of people enjoying the waterfront. I think I like less of an audience. However, if I had watched myself getting in to the kayak, I would have been watching myself to see when I was going to flip it. Small Town entertainment at it's best.

Have I mentioned how much I love this river?!

After an hour, I decided I could really enjoy getting to know this boat. Some adjustments are needed, some technique is needed, but overall, I'm so happy I waited for this boat to come along. It's funny how you're often sent just the thing you need.

One successful maiden voyage down, a summer full of voyages ahead. Not unlike the new blog. First blog down, many more to go. I'm excited to see what directions this new blog will take. As the days pass, I'm sure the story of the new blog will be revealed. I'm looking forward to exploring new parts of the blogging world - hopefully with a few old friends.

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