Meaningful Work

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Most recently, I thought I'd try knitting socks. I have the coolest sock knitting book that has been collecting dust for two years. It tells you how to get a good custom fit taking all things into consideration (gauge, yarn weight, foot size, needle size) and setting it out for you in a chart to follow. I collected my supplies and began with an acrylic yarn. This was to be my 'practice sock'. If it fit when it was done, then I would allow myself to graduate to a lovely red wool I have stashed away.

This is really not the way to do things! No wonder I'm not feeling motivated. So, I saved myself from my misery and bought a lovely skein of bamboo that would make a soft and wearable pair of 'first socks'. I've frogged the practice piece and set myself up with the new yarn. I don't know what I was thinking.

As the child becomes absorbed in meaningful work that he chooses himself and which thus meets his needs, he works with continued concentration and inner satisfaction.~Montessori

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