Monday, July 21, 2014

Last week I read a little tidbit on Facebook. It went something like "Don't complain for a week and see what happens to your life". Normally, I find Facebook to be full of useless time wasters and slack-tivism. It's a love-hate relationship for me. I love to see what friends and family are up to but I hate how useless and stupid it can be. 

This particular saying, though, stuck with me. I thought that perhaps I should define 'complaint'. I wondered if 'complain' was the same as 'voicing a frustration'. I thought that, surely, I could stop complaining for a week. 

Mr. A hates it when I complain about things. Which is curious, since our entire relationship was built around a cup of coffee, sitting on a curb late into the night complaining about what was wrong with the world. 

As I went to sleep last night, I was seriously considering challenging myself to a complaint-free week. I wondered if anyone would notice. 

I was thinking about it when the dog woke me up at stupid o'clock to go outside. I thought about it while I was out there, avoiding mosquitoes in the starlight and noticing all my solar garden lights weren't lit, waiting for the dog to do her thing. 

Then I was still considering it at 4:30am when I couldn't sleep any longer. And at 6:45am when I was noticing how covered in dog hair I was while I walked both dogs. 

I was still thinking about it after Mr. A left for work and I was making myself a coffee.

No cream. It's like the universe is laughing at me. 

So now I'm thinking perhaps I should maybe try just one complaint-free day. And I wonder if the complaints in my head count if I don't say them out loud? I would hope there's points for trying. 

It seems there's a book!

I'm sure all the answers are in the book. I'm not generally one for the self-improvement genre. I'll have to order this and see if I can get though it. 

Until then, I'll continue to think about the complaint-free challenge. Maybe if I start with a short time and work on increasing it? Perhaps I should first consider if I complain excessively? What's an acceptable level of daily complaining? 

I didn't expect this to be so complex....

Mrs. A


jugglingpaynes July 21, 2014 at 9:27 AM  

So many things to think about here, my friend. Think of the long history of complaining. Moses, leading his people out of Egypt, while they complain about the lack of food and water. This country complaining about the unfairness of that country. Everyone complaining about taxes. If you think about it, we are most alive when we are complaining about something, realizing we lost something, or need something, or just realized something that was wrong with our life. :)

Instead of not complaining, think of balancing complaints with gratitude. The mosquitoes were pesky, but I'm sure the stars were magnificent without the glare of solar lights dimming their beauty. (FYI: I think most solar lights only last for about half the night, at least from my own observations.)

Peace and Laughter!

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