What Didn't Happen.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Yesterday happened. But it happened in the way things do sometimes when the universe is laughing at you. 

I went kayaking, but didn't see the particular island and bay I was hoping to see. A map would have helped. 

I got the paddling route guide to print, but not the last page: the map. 

I left the house a half hour after I was supposed to, putting me at the launch site a half hour late. My paddling buddy had brought a book, thank goodness. 

My brother and his wife showed up a day ahead of schedule but didn't tell anyone. Thankfully they stayed over at my parents' place where Mom and Dad have had experience waking up to people who have arrived sometime in the night. 

I didn't get to clean the bathrooms, the kids did it while I was paddling. Recommended. 

I didn't get to make a nice family dinner of ribs and coleslaw. Family dinner happened - without my kids (working and soccer) - with all the extendeds at the local sushi place. 

And finally, I didn't learn to get the pictures off my phone. Perhaps today. 

I don't think I'll share my plans for today, though. One mixed up crazy day deserves a day of the expected afterward, I've decided. 

But coffee and knitting first. I've accidentally started a Henslowe shawl. It's pretty awesome. 

Mrs. A


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