It Is 28 Degrees In My House.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day. It's 28 degrees in my house. I'm not sure what that is in American...but in real life, it's hot. 

This weekend saw some of the plans that we had get cancelled. Sort of. 

I didn't go to my 25th school reunion. Even though I sorta made it sound like I was interested in going. To be fair, a month or so ago when the idea was pitched to me, it sounded ok. But then I had that month or so to think about it. I didn't really have a good time at school in general. Why go spend an afternoon remembering all the things I stressed about for years? And the people I'd be catching up with haven't really been calling and there a lot of important things to catch up about? I imagine it would have been more of a Small Talk Nighmare.

Mr. A has not been fishing. Mr. A arranged four consecutive days off work and did not manage to get out fishing once. This is a Big Disappointment. 

Some things did get done this Canada Day Sort-Of Long Weekend! ('Sort-Of' because it's only a long weekend if you book a day off on the Monday. Then it's a 4-day weekend since Tuesday, today, is a holiday.) 

We made it to the dentist's office for the kids' cleanings. They had a fun summer BBQ at Friday night youth group. The house and yard got cleaned up Saturday morning. Friends arrived for an afternoon BBQ and swim. Fun times. Sunday, I took Mr. A to tour a local brewery. It was a date. I even tried beer - five different kinds. We washed it down with a rack of ribs and a Beaver Tail at the conveniently located RibFest. It was a Canadian Date. On Monday we met a neighbour. I think he's shy. The Girl Child will be doing some babysitting for him. Monday was also Power Tool Day! I used the pressure washer to clean the pool deck and the car jack to remove a stump from the garden. It was a very big sweaty deal of a stump and I wish I had a picture. 

Today is just hot. We cancelled our Canada Day plans on the river because of the severe thunderstorm warnings. The storms can blow up very quickly and I get a little nervous being out on the river in someone else's boat. So we've enjoyed the pool, tried to keep cool and will join the neighbours next door for fireworks later tonight. Hopefully our roof doesn't catch fire. 

This was the weekend that - for the first time - we all got in the pool together after the chores were done. 

I went swimming after the rest of them were finished throwing water at each other....

...and the dogs. 

I enjoyed an iced Chai Tea Latte until the tomfoolery settled down. Very civilized. 

This coming week will see 3 contractors working hard to get our last appliances installed and running. There's a bit of reno required, a new gas line to run and a hole to cut in the roof. Summer school courses will start. The Girl will need to begin training for fencing camp at the end of August. 

I'm hoping to keep people organized and fed, get some more gardening done and get July and August plans on the calendar. It's all just a good idea until it's written on the calendar!

Mrs. A.


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