I Really Must Take A News Vacation

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sometimes the news gets to me. This is one of those times. So I think I will distance myself from it for a while. CBC Radio might be ok...I find its news to be somewhat less sensational than tv and website news. 

Let's talk about knitting! 

Here is my current Works In Progress cabinet. I say current because I'm not sure that this is the cabinet's true calling. But it's working for now and I'm going with it. 

This lovely dark red thing is a Henslowe scarf. I'm knitting it as written. I think many people would like to upsize it a little, but I love the pattern so much and I'm still new at scarf/shawl construction that I'm going to just do what I'm told and appreciate that it will be awesome in the end.  

I'm not usually one who likes a garter stitch fabric, but I'm finding it ok here. I liked the beginning: cast on 2. Very amusing. I'm sure the novelty will wear off after I've knit a few scarves. There's a very clever yarn over edge that I'm meant to pick up and knit the edging on to. I'm just happy that it's my first attempt and it seems I'm doing it correctly!

This is my Age of Brass And Steam. Also a scarf. Also in its beginnings. There's was a wee garter tab cast on. I found it different and it's very difficult to determine where to pick up stitches when there's seven rows of only two stitches in a row and everything gets muddled. We'll just hope that's not noticeable. 

Reading through these projects at Ravelry, I found a simple set of notes that outlines how easy it was to make this scarf a little bigger. I've attempted to do so, but am kind if second guessing myself. On a row of 'yo, k2tog', I had a stitch left over. After double checking my stitch count, I just knit it and went on - good practice for my perfectionist tendencies - but I still think of the single knit stitch in a row of knit2togethers. I think I should press on. 

Rams and Yowes was pleasing knitting yesterday! I finished the first row of yowes. A colour change is up next. The next yowes will be 'moorit'. That's the brown colour in the basket. I'm keeping the tension very loose and it seems to be working out. I'm not sure if I need to catch the longer floats in the back or not? The longest is a 13 stitch float. The yarn is super sticky and it is recommended to give the back a good rub when it's done being knit and having its bath. So far I've been catching the long floats. 

All my people are home and working today. The kids finish up the content of their Civics class and move on to exam review. Exam on Tuesday. I'm being the mean mom and making them submit their independent study essay today instead of on the last day of the course. You can imagine how impressed they are. But, I think they will thank me after having the weekend 'off'. We'll see. They might be distracted by exam stress. It will be The Boy's first official exam. 

Mr. A is in his little home office in the basement and is quite satisfied. He's travelled for work twice this week - that's more than usual. He commented that this morning's commute - coffee in hand, down one flight of stairs - was much better than yesterday's hour long drive. 

Mrs. A


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