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Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm up early this morning. What's up today, you ask?

Well, first a little Rams & Yowes. That tiny bit of insignificant knitting wrapped on the needle there in the picture represents two days of knitting. Not really but kind of. The first chart requires one to count to six. If you knit at all, I'm sure you know that this can be a challenge. I got a few rounds done then ripped it out and began again. I'll never catch up to Jean at this pace! It's just as well because when casting on the required 197 stitches, I got to 189 and ran out of tail. I cheated and just tossed a few backward loop cast on stitches to make up the rest. But, all is good now. Correct number of cast on stitches all in one style, correctly knit first row of colourwork. 

After a little knitting and after Mr. A gets up, I will make his coffee then head out for the morning for a little kayaking. My boat and gear are loaded and ready to go. Since we don't live in the 'hood anymore, it's safe to do that and leave it in the driveway overnight and yet still sleep without worrying that when I wake in the morning I will find my stuff molested in some way by misguided nocturnal troublemakers. 

The goal today is to paddle about the islands and see a place where they've held floating, non-denominational church services during the summer for 125 years or so. I'm also hoping to figure out how to post photos from my phone when I get home. Keep your fingers crossed. 

This afternoon, I get to look over the kids' school work, clean the bathrooms and make ribs and coleslaw for dinner - a dinner which Mr. A and I may get to sit down to eat between chauffeuring kids about to their activities. I also get to figure out if I have house guests tonight or tomorrow night. My brother will be visiting and making plans with him is always an impromptu adventure. 

Mrs. A


jugglingpaynes July 18, 2014 at 9:09 AM  

I read your adventures with the Rams and Yowes to my daughter. She loved it. Look forward to seeing how it turns out (if that helps to inspire you to keep up with it!)

Peace and Laughter!

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