Monday, August 18, 2014

Way back in December, we began planning an adventure for The Girl Child. 

We felt it was time for a her to have an opportunity to use all those life skills she's been collecting, excercise that independence she's got, have some fun and broaden her horizons, if you will. 

Yesterday we took her to the airport and sent her across the country, out West, to the Prairies. I think she'd had just about enough adventure by the time she reached airport security and realized Mr. A and I wouldn't be continuing through with her.

She quickly rallied and got into the groove of traveling. We left her to wait at her gate until departure - two hours - while we drove home to take in The Boy Child's soccer tournament. We knew she was fine because she texts a running commentary of her life to me at the best of times. This time was no different. 

She's a very funny girl who likes making us laugh. Also, bagels at the airport cost $2.79, not the regular $2.09 that she is used to paying. 

I may have found an online tool that tracks flights. Because we all know that tracking her flight online makes for a safer journey, right?

She arrived and all the plans put in place were executed nicely. She found the people she was expecting to find. She travelled to her destination with another bagel and a Booster Juice in hand. She settled in and met all sorts of people she's excited to get to know. She commented about the landscape and told me all about just how big the sky can be. 

This morning Fencing Camp properly gets under way. At the end of the week, she'll reverse her travels and arrive home with a big experience to tell us about. 

In the meantime, I'm glad she's away. I'm glad she's excited about this experience. I'm glad she's trying something new, meeting people, being independent. It's different without her at home, but I'm not sad. I'm happy that this separation comes when she's ready and willing and feeling equipped to take care of herself. I know she'll come home having learned more about herself and feeling confident because she's done real, big and sometimes difficult things. She'll have made great connections in her sport. She'll be excited to think about the future because she knows there's a very big sky out there since she's seen it for herself and she can get back to it - or anywhere - if she wants to. 

Mrs. A


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