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Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's been a wee bit dismal here this week.

We froze at The Boy Child's soccer game the other night. It's jeans and hoodie weather this morning. Two mornings ago there was a break in the week's rain and the neighbours on three sides all rushed out to cut their grass. If this keeps up, we're going to have to backwash the pool just to get rid of the excess water. 

Coffee this morning was terrible. My fault. A brewing disaster obviously. The remedy is to brew another cup properly. Coffee #2 has commenced. 

A coworker of Mr. A's dropped by some homemade hummus with pickles and olives. He even called beforehand to see if we had pita on hand. We did not so he brought that too. This is a traditional Syrian recipe and it is so good. If I want, I can have a cooking lesson. I am the only hummus eater in residence, so I've been eating this for lunch the last few days. Such a treat. 

I ran into a couple of local homeschooling moms at the library this week. I really like them but I have confirmed I'm finished with my organizational efforts on the local homeschooling front. I've put out a few feelers and even a firm poke in the hopes of passing off my responsibilities with little success. People seem to want local homeschooling supports but are putting little effort forth to plan or help with them. I've learned that when all the planning - for anything, really - falls on one person, eventually no one is happy. 

It's time to me to step all the way back. I think I may have said this last year at this time. I remember planning an August open house for local home learners and those interested in homeschooling. I said at the time it would be my last one. I did the bare minimum September picnic planning. I told people far and wide that I'd book the space and advertise, but if anyone wanted events or a schedule or activities for the kids they'd have to step forward and plan it. Next week I will pass the real job in our homeschooling community - the local email tree - off to a very nice mom who is willing. Others will be unimpressed because she's not local but somehow I have a problem giving weight to their argument when they're not willing to step up and help out. I've passed responsibilites for program planning and drop-ins to the Children's Librarian, the Museum Educator and a children's Theatre group. I've made sure the Facebook Group is linked to other area groups and has a variety of administrators. 

At this point, I'm more interested in hibernating in my own little microcosm than participating in our local homeschooling community. Is that bad? I feel like a bad homeschooling mom. I'm excited to just be the manager of my own kids' learning. This year I will be approaching administration on many fronts and I think that's plenty for me to juggle with the kids' high school course load. We're looking into a semester of high school in a brick and mortar, co-op, dual credit with the community college and varsity sports at the University again. I did a bunch of pre-planning back in the Spring which will get the kids going and occupied with independent, self-managed courses. I'll be spending my time setting up the above learning opportunities and fleshing out their course load with interesting and/or necessary material. 

So, while I wrap my head around those plans...what else is going on? 

The Girl Child flies out to attend a fencing camp tomorrow morning. That should be a week full of adventure for her. 

And there's a pic of some yarn that I have to get ready to send out. One to Scotland, one to Austrailia, one to a Canadian city an hour away from me and the rest to the USA. I should be getting the same amount back should all go well. That will be my own end-of-summer adventure...all those little surprise skeins in my mailbox. 

The only other activity of note is The Boy's end of season soccer tournament tomorrow. I have to track down a local family member to drop him off at the field as Mr. A, The Girl and I will be at the plane station. I wonder if I can convince Mr. A to make a side trip to IKEA while we're there...Should make for an interesting day.

Mrs. A


jugglingpaynes August 18, 2014 at 6:38 PM  

I sooooo understand what you mean about not wanting to keep organizing homeschooling events. I'm feeling that way too. I've run my storytelling program over ten years, only to see it dwindle over the past couple of year. Others want me to continue it, but no one wants to step up and at least agree to come regularly.It takes a lot of effort to decide on what to do, and when only one family shows up, it is disheartening. When your kids are teens/preteens, you can't waste time with planning events for no one. I can't keep up the pace I once did without others' participation.

Peace and Laughter!

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