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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

  • I so appreciated the comment the other day in regards to stepping back from my local homeschooling efforts. It's nice to know there's others who know how I feel. 

  • Somehow I fell into the role of dealing with the garbage and recycling at our new house. This means a dump run this morning. 

  • The Girl Child is alive in Outlook, Sask. She was told to maybe focus a little more on the camp experience and a little less on keeping her friends informed by text messages and it seems my punishment is no update phone call. I did learn that there was a walk to the convenience store during which The Girl saw a buck on someone's lawn. She must be on the edge of very big nature out there. 

  • Yesterday was a dentist trip that normally is an hour's drive there and an hour back - it took twice as long as usual due to construction on the roads. 
  • Due to the construction, shopping time was eaten up and all I had time to do was to dash into the mall and - after placating The Boy Child with a booster juice smoothie - run into Lush to buy a tiny pot of shower gel. I'm looking forward to trying it. It smells like citrus and FRESH!!

  • Today is a local trip to the optometrist for The Boy. Since he won't wear his glasses, he's going to ask about contacts. 

  • In an effort to break the monotony of the recent Byte Size Blogs, I am blogging not by app, but through the browser. This means bullets and maybe even a pic. 

  • Except just then I pushed the little picture icon and crashed my browser, so a picture will be a little more involved than I thought. You might just have to appreciate the bullets. Which are more populous than I had initially intended. 

  • In the end I had to revert to the Blogger App. You can't imagine the back and forth it's taken to get this wee post published. Fun times. 

  • Mrs. A


Miranda Hughes August 19, 2014 at 11:20 AM  

Migrate to Wordpress! It took me years before I took others' advice and I have to say I'm so glad I got over the hump. Blogger is passé; Wordpress is where the cool kids play. Seriously, it's a bit different but there's so much more flexibility and the mobile app is really good.

I'm really enjoying the recent updates. And yes, I totally understand about been done with leadership-in-community-building amongst one's local homeschool group. There comes a time when your energy is best put elsewhere. Besides, a leadership void supports the growth of new leaders.

jugglingpaynes August 21, 2014 at 11:55 AM  

Loved the "bullet"-in. You crack me up! I can't imagine driving that long to see a dentist. That's almost as painful as the dental visit itself. I won't go more than a half hour for any medical care. I did the long distance doctor thing when my first two were babies and it was not fun. When construction and traffic made it a three hour trip, I decided I needed to look for more local care. :)

Peace and Laughter!

PS: I almost couldn't prove I'm not a robot. They really need to make sure their pictures actually have text in them!

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