We Have Proper Chairs!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Coffee this morning is Raspberry Chocolate Truffle. It's good. I picked it up at the local Winners so I may never have it again. I try to make sure I enjoy it while I have it. The Winners always have a selection of flavoured coffees, but you can never depend on repeat appearances by the same brand. For the same price as boring grocery store regular coffee, I get to try fancy flavours. Adventure. 

The dark blob is my resurrected Age of Brass and Steam. After finishing my Henslowe with its knitted on edging (I feel so accomplished) this one seems basic. I tracked down some modifications to the free pattern on Ravelry to make it a little bigger - the pattern is written for DK weight yarn and I'm knitting it up in fingering - and to make a little embellishment at the corners. 

Onward to the real news....we have chairs! The Unfurnished Room is no longer. Now I must come up with another name for it. The Bonus Living Room? The Dogs' Preferred Lounging Area? The Sitting Room? 

This is how we used to use this room. Very casual. Definitely not a place for anyone over 40 to relax in.

Mr. A's trip to Ikea fell on a day when we had visitors. So the kids and I stayed home to entertain and Mr. A got to go to Ikea on his own. With extra people about, there were many hands to get our new chairs unpacked. 

Not much is left to the imagination when it comes to Ikea. 

So there you have it. A lightly furnished room. The chairs were supposed to be grey, but at the last minute we chose the brown. Now all that is left is to properly decorate. A coffee tray, a couple of throw pillows, a blanket. Perhaps I could get around to finding a place to hang the pictures instead of having them sitting on the hearth. Although, they're the only thing keeping Mr. A from having a fire and since it's still summer, they need to stay to another couple of months. 

The ottoman was also a last minute decision. A good one, though, as it is used a lot. I figured it matched and served a purpose and it saved me from finding a side table or footstools.

I think that's the last bit of furnishing to do in our new house. Now we move on to decorating and cosmetic updates as money and time allow. First up though, I need to get our school year planned and prepped. Then I will have the headspace to lend to decorating decisions. Saying that, I am considering decorating The Girl Child's room while she is away at camp next week. The poor child has a stash of boxes she is refusing to unpack until her room is 'done'. 

Mrs. A


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