One More Sleep!

Friday, August 22, 2014

One more sleep and my Girl will be home! She's having a great time. She reports the food is good, a massage therapist is helping to manage the hurting muscles, she's not sick of the people and she didn't get caught being out after lights out Tuesday night...unlike a few others who are enjoying a 9pm lights out for the remainder of the week. 

The Girl Child also reports she gave a talk about the importance of having and using a training journal. I knew this was important to her coach, but I did not realize that she herself was qualified to educate others on this important training tool. I love it when my kids surprise me. (If I had told her there would be 'required public speaking' at camp alongside the good stuff she was anticipating, she never would have gone.)

Coffee this morning is being enjoyed beside the dining room window. This is where I identified a new-to-me bird with a handy app I have on my iPad. The app comes with examples of bird song and calls which I played while sitting at the window. The Blue Eyed Bandit has been staring at the window for almost five minutes since the bird songs, waiting for the bird to appear. She can hear it. Now she wants to see it. It was a White-breasted Nuthatch, in case you were interested.

Miranda's comment earlier this week is good food for thought. For years now I've been thinking about amalgamating my blog posts from over the years into one platform. For reasons of privacy in a small town where my extended family is well known, I went fairly anonymous a few years ago. And before that blogging change, I had found myself blogging on what turned out to be a strongly religious homeschooling site. It wasn't a good fit and I moved. So my project this weekend will be to look at Wordpress, as Miranda suggests. I expect less hands on teaching time with the kids this year and a good use of that extra time would be to get all the homeschooling records together - and that includes these meandering blog posts. 

Yesterday was 15 official years of marriage for Mr. A and I. We had a quiet working day at home, having had a special date last Friday which we called our Anniversary Celebration. 

On the schedule for today is a stop at the post office to mail off my mini-skein swap packages. 

Inside is lovely sock yarn for 8 Americans, a Scot, someone Down Under and a lady down the road in Ottawa. I'm hoping the lovely lady at the village post office is helpful and kind as many involved in this swap have had problems mailing off their packages. 

As well, I'm supposed to call the people at the local quarry and get a load of gravel delivered to the house. I was supposed do it yesterday so the gravel would arrive today, but they're calling for rain and the only thing I can image that is worse than shoveling gravel in the first place is shoveling gravel in the rain. Also, if the gravel comes on Monday, The Girl will be home to help letting me 'manage' the project. Here's the driveway before:

We've been torching and trimming the weeds and will do another good treatment before the gravel comes. I'm debating weed cloth around the edges where the weeds are the worst. Hopefully I've calculated enough coverage to stop the grass from coming through. It really bugs Mr. A. 


Mrs. A


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