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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On the scale of grown-up-ness, it was a fairly lazy weekend. We did manage a grocery shop and the kids' social calendars were full Friday night to Sunday afternoon. 

I think I redeemed myself yesterday. It turned out to be an understated St. Patrick's Day. 

There was a cupcake attempt. The icing was a hit, but the cupcakes themselves are dense little pucks. No one seems to be complaining, though. I've packed all my icing equipment, including the 'green' as The Boy put it. He was a little put out that there was no green pancakes or green waffles or green eggs this year. 

It was an accomplished St. Patrick's Day here in the A household. A clean house, top to bottom. School work was pulled out and science, math and Rick Mercer were all revisited. Rick counts in the categories of Canadian Government, current events or social issues. Take your pick. Actual packing of The Girl Child's belongings occurred. She's been actively avoiding it. People ate on schedule and dinner wasn't out of a box. 

Ok, so it looks a little underwhelming when I type it out like that. But really, things where happening yesterday! There was focus and direction. People felt accomplished; I checked. 

I'm going to try to pull off another accomplished day today. Wish me luck. If we can count on anything around here, it's inconsistency. And I'll be working with an abbreviated schedule as The Girl and I will be off to the big city (an hour up the road) for her weekly fencing practice. 

Aaannndd it seems I will be caffeine challenged. We're out of anything I prefer. I'm usually not very picky when it comes to coffee. But there's one kind we have on hand that Mr. A likes but it certainly is not to my liking. And I missed the memo telling me we were out of the other acceptable stuff. 

Mrs. A.


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