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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I thought I would take a moment to say a couple of bloggish words while I had my coffee this morning. 

I'm not feeling particularly eloquent. But I have been feeling like I'm missing blogging. Obviously, looking at the archives, I've been missing blogging for years. 

I think I may have figured out what happened. I think I felt there was too much to keep up with. At first I was just blogging. Then there was the rush in blog land to quick! get followers! And feeds and tags. Be sure to add in pretty photography! Tutorials!! Don't forget giveaways...and sponsors. Guest bloggers! Custom designed layouts! 

I think during all of that I got distracted and lost my blogging mojo. 

Then there came 'the Facebook' and 'the Twitter', as I say to the kids, annoying them greatly. Bloggers were falling off the blog lists and just not writing anymore. 

Recently, I came across an article or a blog post or headline or smoke signal while poking around the Internet. I must have skimmed it, letting the jist of the content sink in at a later time, forgetting exactly where I saw it. There's not enough coffee left in my cup to find it right now. 

The bare bones of the article was something about things getting too complicated and too fast and those who felt like they needed to change with the times were being left behind. Ok, maybe the last part was me. But still, there's something there that has made me think about blogging.

I'd lost what I like about blogging. So what if blogging has changed? So what that many are making a business out of it. So what if I'm not inspired to create a blog that is Google+ connected with a Twitter feed in the sidebar having linked-to-a-thousand-others Wordless Wednesday articles - hey look at my Pinterest! - with a giveaway the Friday after the Guest Blogger entertained you while I was away? I never go away. 

I'm still drawn to read the 'boring' writing of bloggers who blog without the flashiness. A picture here and there. A page I can scroll through. Perhaps a sidebar with an archive. Bloggers who blog about aspects of life and tell you about what's going in their experience. 

It's harder and harder to find what I'm looking for in the blogosphere. Is there even a blog-universe anymore? Is it a sign I'm getting older when I'm satisfied with the status quo? I'm not unwilling to acknowledge/use/learn the new technologies, but is it ok if I don't want to? 

Mrs. A. 


jugglingpaynes March 5, 2014 at 2:25 PM  

I'm right there with you! I ended up on FB because all of my blogging friends started disappearing there. And, I admit, it's a good place to write when I don't feel more inspired than a sentence or two.

I try to keep blogging if only to sort out my own beliefs about education and life, the universe, etc. I've noticed a huge drop in comments, which tells me a lot of other people are trying to keep up with everything as much as I am. And lives change. We get busy for a while and sometimes you need to let a few things go. Just remember, you came back. Writers need to write, even if they are writing for an audience of one!

Peace and Laughter!

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