As Spring Approaches...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

There it is. 'Spring Approaching'. The 10 - 15cm (4-6in) of snow they called for turned into double that amount in my driveway. Then, instead of the nice -1C (30F) it was yesterday morning, it was -18C (really cold F) this morning while I was shoveling. I had to wear snow pants. While men wielding snowblowers worked on the driveways around me. 

Packing continues. Last night I bridged the major obstacle of Packing The Girl Child's Things. We packed up her books. I find books easy to start with as they require no fancy packing methods. The Boy and I packed up more in his room and I packed more kitchen things. 

The Girl Child finishes up the classroom component of Driver's Ed today. That means the actual driving portion of things will begin in short order. She drives with an instructor for a while. I think Mr. A is still coming around to the idea that she may be driving the family car soon. 

Today I will pack some more. I will collect The Girl and take her to her job. I will chauffeur The Boy to his music lesson. Hopefully I will not have to shovel anymore. 


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