The Packing Has Begun

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

 Packing is officially under way. I will tell you about it over this morning's coffee: Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. It's instant, but perfect for morning. 

Mr. A and I started packing on the weekend while the kids were out. We started with my library of books. Reading Cristina's comment the other day, I like to think she shares my concern about packing up the books so soon. But I think it will be ok. I just recently did a cull of the library 'shelf' and I know the books I've kept are important...and clean! I dusted them. So it was easy packing. No need to consider whether I should donate or get rid of anything. Just books into the box, tape, label, stack. Done. I also have a supportive book club who is distracting me with an interesting two months of reading. Between book club selections (this month is Calculating God, a sci-fi selection) and packing, I'm sure I won't miss having my books out. In fact, maybe I should pack up the bulk of my knitting...

The school shelf will stay put for now. This week we won't be getting to much on the shelf, but there are three more weeks before we move and I'm sure that I'll have to get the kids out from underfoot at some point so they might as well do some bookwork. 

Yesterday I packed up the serving dishes, trays, extra cups and mugs, the special Christmas China (I didn't go the wedding china route) and the rest of the breakable china cabinet residents. 

The pictures from my gallery wall have been packed. It was the last thing I did to this house, create a gallery wall of family photos. 

Then I went around collecting the long, odd shaped, hang-on-the-wall type things. They're all in one box packed up with some linen shelf things for padding. 

Today will be the wine glasses and the rest of the china cabinet things. Also, The Boy Child will be doing some supervised packing of his things. He's a bit anxious so there's been some talking about the process. Today we bite the bullet and get it done. 

I've noticed that there are 'left-behinds'. As I pack an area, there's a thing here and there that doesn't quite fit in the box. Or a thing that doesn't quite match the category; I'm trying to pack like with like. So I need to solve this today because I definitely don't want small stacks of leftovers hanging around just waiting for the packing fairy...who has yet to make an appearance. For entertainment's sake, currently waiting for a boxy home are my leather bound wedding album, my pizza stone, an oversized serving tray and a salad bowl that is so deep it's practically square. 

Packing goes along just like any other activity around here. Few common areas mean much shared and multi-purposed space. You can only take out what can be put away a short time later.


So I expect this will be a familiar scene for the next little while. We've been lucky to have boxes dropped off for us by family members. The tape gun has been borrowed from a girlfriend who has recently moved. It came with tape! Strange, the gifts and favours I find my grown-up self appreciating. Another friend has loaned us her industrial sized roll of uncut swiffer cloth. It's great for padding breakable things. My packing paper is a newsprint doodle pad. I could buy 'proper' packing paper from a moving supply company....or I could pay much less for the same thing with a different label on it. Doodle pad it is!

So the morning waits for me. I've built my second coffee. The Girl is at her class, The Boy is 'doing March Break' (aka gaming in his pjs before anything else). I am going to do this: 

I am going to pack the knitting stash in that box. Somehow. 

Mrs. A.


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